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    The EnPROVE project is now coming to an end. During the last 39 months, nine partners from seven different countries in the European Union have worked together to assemble an innovative platform to support building renovation. A good mix of research institutions and market players kept the project between the research perspective and the real life applications. The focus of the project has been on developing a tool allowing the investor to compare potential benefits of different available technologies and decide on the ones that are cost effective, for a particular building. The supporting process is based on: real measurements from a detachable wireless sensor network in the building; scenario selection from a built-in expert system; consumption prediction from physical models; and multi-criteria decision methods. Furthermore, the EnPROVE plugs in to standard tools (e.g. CAD) in both ends of the process, by importing the existing models of the building and exporting the best recommendations.

    The EnPROVE consortium has learnt that this project was more ambitious that initially anticipated. There have been many challenges to overcome. Many have been solved. Many have been understood to need different formulations. Process steps that, initially, were taken as simple and direct, were hiding very stimulating research problems that push the results envelop beyond the initial contour.

    At the end, EnPROVE is not about promising a specific reduction of energy consumption for any next building. It is about a tool to convince more investors, building owners, facility managers to put money on energy efficient technologies, knowing, from a well supported analysis, that the capital will be returned in a timely manner, with rentability and risk under well defined margins. EnPROVE enables freeing more capital to re-invest in more renovation processes.

    With the amount of knowledge collected by the consortium during the project, the problem is now well understood and there are technical solutions for all identified steps. Two real test-case scenarios have been developed during the project proving: i) the technical viability of the software and hardware components; and ii) the economical relevance of the overall EnPROVE approach.

    It’s now the time to close the project and open a range of opportunities to take these results to a higher stage. Come and join us for the next venture bringing EnPROVE to the market.